Banque Populaire V

Banque Populaire V

Saturday, 22 January 2011

The night before the big day.....

 for me, and I am excited as a kid. It really feels like a great chance to set an historic time. We have the most incredible and well prepared boat, a great skipper, great crew. The weather is looking decent for the first leg to the equator. Not perfect, but we are looking at a time of near 6 days for this first section. Early start tomorrow, we are all going to be down at dawn and then wait for the morning weather files, and  then decide exactly what time to leave.

Was down on the boat earlier today, and we are not the only trimaran straining at its mooring lines. Sodebo is tied up 5 meters in front. That boat is facing the same 28,000 mile course, but solo, and its going to be an amazing and different challenge. The record he has to beat is incredibly fast, but if anyone can do it, it is Thomas. He is the complete offshore sailor, he has done everything, and I was lucky enough to have him as part of my 'dream team' on Doha 2006 on the Oryx Quest round the world race.
There is nobody stronger, more determined, and more deserving to get this record..I will be following him all the way, and wishing him well.
The funny thing is that 2 years on the Vendee Globe I talked to Thomas as he went scorching past me, going 26 to my 16. This year the shoe is on the other foot and I will be on the faster boat.. I look forward to the day we will be on the same boat again!


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